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Discount- Set COAT&SKIN REPAIR MASK 1000 ml

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Save money with 2 of our famous grooming products !!

Our high premium conditioner  - 1000 ml size and  Mr. Groom PROTEIN SHAMPOO 350 ml!

 For best grooming results both products complement each other perfectly . Can also combined  with our Mr. Groom no Snarl conditioner and the coat and skin conditioner spray .

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The ultimate cleansing and conditioning  shampoo is suitable for all coats. It adds essential  high-quality proteins, to help rebuild and add body to thin, limp and damaged coats.  Protects against dryness and makes the coat manageable.. The hypoallergenic and tearless formula makes grooming easyer for all.  Soft baby power scent.

 delute 1:25

After the shampooing, brush the repair mask into the fur. 5-10 min read, then rinse well. 

The  Coat & Skin Repair Mask is a  high protecting and conditioning Produkt  with Gardenienextrakt, marigold, coconut oil, Kakaubutter and milk proteins.

Visible success already after the first application. 


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